Previewing the photofilms

Thursday August 2nd, 2012 by No Comments

Five photofilms have been made as part of The Youzi Project. Each focuses on a different individual and combines photographs, audio and video. These were shown in public for the first time at the exhibition a couple of weeks ago, and will soon be online along with a series of photographs on the Youzi Project website. Before finalising the edits of the photofilms I made sure each person featuring in the films had the chance to watch it and express any concerns or requests to adjust or add anything.

This project has been built around methodologies of participation and collaboration: it was really important to me that each participant gave clearance for the films before they were seen elsewhere. I feel lucky that only a couple of adjustments were requested, which were very minor changes that didn’t affect the narrative in any way. The photofilms were very well received during the exhibition -photos of the talk, screening and installation shots coming soon!

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