Initial images

Tuesday April 24th, 2012 by No Comments

These images are scans of film from the first few shoots with participants Nina, Li Zhen, and Wenjun. Since working with Alex Zhang I have been using mostly medium format film for this project, which allows me to slow down and better consider the process of photographing, and framing. In some situations this is not always possible – when available light is poor, when the action is less controlled, and so I am also using a 35mm digital camera for stills and video clips.

In terms of the final production of the work, our exhibition will feature a number of printed still images (from the medium format work), and some multimedia pieces focusing more specifically on participants’ individual stories. We are keen to incorporate participants’ own photographs and writings (in both English and Chinese), which we hope will result in a rich, encompassing tableaux conveying the stories of the Youzi project.

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