Sharing the Work

Wednesday June 20th, 2012 by No Comments

To London last Friday, as invited speakers at the Society for Research in Higher Education seminar, ‘Internationalisation and Marketisation of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Experience’.  This would be the first chance to share some of the short photo films that Gemma has been developing for the project, and to circulate our work within broader discussions » Read On

Didacticism and Thematic Categorisation: Narratives of Chinese Student Experience

Wednesday June 20th, 2012 by No Comments

  In recent weeks, we’ve been exploring representations and explorations of the Chinese student experience through visual means, and Gemma suggested that we watch Waves, a film by Li Tao made in 2007, which tells the stories of 4 young Chinese students who attend a high school in Wellington, New Zealand. The documentary is divided into the » Read On

Emerging Stories and Plans

Thursday May 17th, 2012 by No Comments

  We are assessing the material that has been collected so far, and reflecting on what needs to be done. As a result, we are begininning to see what an end-point for this project might represent. It is likely that 5 short narratives, compromising film, photography and recorded sound, will portray fragments from the lives of 5 » Read On


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  From Tesco on West Street, Sheffield. Thanks to Matt for the photograph.

Useful Conversations

Thursday May 3rd, 2012 by 1 Comment

I’ve had a number of influential discussions which have helped me to formulate ideas about the themes and areas of approach that I wish to pursue in the project. Richard Steadman-Jones, a colleague in the School of English at the University of Sheffield, has been collaborating with academics and artists on the Writing in the Home and » Read On


Thursday May 3rd, 2012 by No Comments

Here, we collate some of the images that capture the processes of our work on the project:   Sharing notes from an interview.   Trialling the website.   Negatives.   Work schedule. Photographing Yuan Shuai. Home cooked food with Linna Wei. Viewing the exhibition space. Contents of Gemma’s bag.   Interview notes Tea with Douglas and Qingqing » Read On

Reflections on a Conversation

Thursday April 5th, 2012 by No Comments

We wanted to identify how our own approaches to the project – practice-led and academic – might cohere and inform one another. Here, I pick out and tentatively explore those areas from our exchange which have been particularly useful. The power of story? In clarifying my hopes for the work, I emphasised my interest in » Read On

Reflections on Dr. Qing Gu’s work

Tuesday April 3rd, 2012 by No Comments

On February 1st 2012, Gemma and I visited the School of Education at The University of Sheffield to hear a presentation by Dr Qing Gu from Nottingham University. Dr Qing Gu’s research explored the nature of Chinese students transitional experiences when studying at UK universities. Here, I want to reflect on some of the aspects » Read On